MINUTE CAKE is a project that explores the life of film within internet culture and social media. one minute - perfect for the short attention span. an ephemeral video experience, every few days a new clip appears. personal, democratic video that is still beautiful and meaningful.

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L-dopha is a progressive/alternative/instrumental three-piece from St Petersburg. Combining a rich live sound with electronic textures and melodic grooves, their music is a mixture of melancholy, romance, tension, and drive. Alexey Sibikin - drums and electronica
Andrey Belyakov - guitar
Dmitriy Kormschikov - bass

alexey sibikin

alexey sibikin

Alexey Sibikin is an electronic musician from St Petersburg, Russia.
He produces original music which is the fruit of intelligent electronic influences and a deep love for Lo-Fi samples, vintage synths and intricate rythmical textures.
He is also a drummer and music programmer in post-progressive band L-dopha.

sid alien

SID Alien

SID alien is a sound engineer and a break beat producer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is very well-experienced in live performance and studio work.
He plays in ethno/trip-hop band Da-Sein and produces his own projects.

Chrissy Barnacle

Chrissy Barnacle is a human and story-teller hailing from the grimey shores of the Clyde who writes spiked and honest nylon-stringed folk, about, among other things; hazelnuts, cannibal rats and the impossibility of love.



Gervais A. Harry creates audio art and music works for broadcast and performance. He specializes in non-conventional production and mixing techniques, always with an ear on texture and tone. 
His work represents the belief that noise is an essential element in the listening experience, exploring and playing with the inner boundaries of sound/noise dualism. 

Sam Arnold

Sam Arnold is a composer, producer and sound designer based in Cardiff and London, United Kingdom.
Formerly a member of post-rock band Mountain Men Anonymous, he has produced, performed and released electronic music as John Barnes since 2004 and is currently part of Cardiff-based guitar / drum duo Zail. More recently he has collaborated with filmmakers and animators, working on a range of projects from experimental film to commercial shorts and adverts.


Čubikins is the musical remix team effort of Ema Čulík and Alexey Sibikin.
ema culik