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About the Independent Souls

Joss Bartleet Joss Bartleet is from Crieff. He has been in Russia for five years. He lives with his wife Katya and teaches English.
James Brankin James Brankin is from Irvine. He has been in St Petersburg since November 2010. He works as an English teacher.
Tom Denman Tom Denman is from Edinburgh and grew up in Ayr. Once a budding chemist, he flew the coop to try something new. Now he is living abroad as a busy but happy teacher of English and managing partner of an all British start-up in Russia's cultural capital.
James Mathews James Mathews was born in England and raised in Scotland. 4 years of computer science at the University of Edinburgh followed up by 3 years of tracking through ponds and potato fields in University research. He then came to Russia to scratch an itch and has ended up being here for the last 3 years, teaching English and developing new teaching tools.
Chris Wedderburn Chris Wedderburn is from Edinburgh. He has been living in St Petersburg for 12 years with his wife Nadia, and their children James and Kirsty. He teaches at an English language kindergarten.
Ema Čulík Ema Čulík is from Glasgow. She first came to Russia in 2005. Before becoming a full-time writer/filmmaker she taught English for five years at the Benedict school.

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