ema culik

Independent Souls

Смотреть фильм с русскими субтитрами можно ЗДЕСЬ

Far off in remote Russia the echoes of the referendum reverberate in the hearts of Scottish expats. Living so far from home, how do they see the idea of independence? How has living abroad changed their viewpoint? This documentary is a reflection on questions of patriotism, pride and everyday problems, and what national identity means in a modern interconnected world of immigration, emigration and increasingly mixed cultures.


Director's Statement              about the Independent Souls


Directed, shot and edited by Ema Čulík

sound and music by Alexey Sibikin

Joss Bartleet

James Brankin

Tom Denman

James Mathews

Chris Wedderburn

Thanks to Erik at KILTR, Neil Castell, Lesley Keen, Aspect British Kindergarten.